Wit Privilege?

Wit privilege is at work whenever witty people are provided with unearned societal privileges that are unavailable to the witless. Most witty people deny the existence of wit privilege and do not recognize the tremendous advantages they have over the witless. These include greater freedom of expression and elevated social status.

Disparities between the witty and the witless are readily evident in the business world. People who can induce laughter in others get better jobs and advance more quickly than the witless. In the United States, the ability to tell a joke often makes the difference between being heard and being ignored. A properly delivered punchline can seal a deal or help someone land a new job.

Disparities in healthcare are also clear. Many consider laughter to be the best medicine, and the witty don’t pay their fair share for it. Also, people who know how to tell jokes are generally cheerful and live happier and healthier lives. Meanwhile, the witless struggle to survive.


Check out Danny's recent article in American Thinker.

Wit Privilege and America's War on the Witless

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